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Frumpy Sings the Blues: Stuck in a Frump Rut?

Written by Kye

August 27, 2018

Frumpy Sings the Blues: Stuck in a Frump Rut?

Frump Dee Dah and Feeling Blah

What does frump rut mean, anyway? It sounds nasty.

Well you see, that’s just it.  It’s a rut and it is nasty.  It happens to all of us at one time or another.  For me, it happens whenever one of my babies gets sick.  Unfortunately, this last week, my oldest daughter was sick and stayed home with me,  instead of going to kindergarten. When something like that happens, I don’t even try to fight the frump. Nope! When my babies are sick I use that as an excuse to stay in my PJs all day and cuddle.

Frump Rut Blues

But then afterward, when everyone else gets back to their normal routine, sometimes I find myself still kind of wallowing in the rut. You know her, the kind of laid back, slightly slobbish, tv binging, take-out chomping mama.

Frump rut gets the poop Frumpy gets the poop

Seriously – Do you ever feel yourself slide back into frumpiness and then you get a little comfortable so you have to fight your way back out?  It’s hard, isn’t it?  We fall into the frump rut for all kinds of reasons, but one thing I noticed, it’s not just my clothes, face and hair that get frumpy.  My mood does too. My whole attitude starts to stink!

My luck seems to go down the toilet too!  I drop things. I trip.  Bang my head or elbow. Stub my toe.  I start feeling real sorry for myself just about now.  Then my husband comes along and points out how slobbish I am. I start making excuses. the kids were sick.  I had a bad day. So on and so on. It’s all tied together.  So yeah,…. I have to claw and scratch my way out of that rut!

Getting myself back out, well, that takes little bit of coaxing and pampering.  Maybe this trick will work for you, too.

Here’s What I Do

First, I brush out my hair and do my makeup. I usually enjoy putting on makeup.  (Have you seen any of my Facebook Lives?)  I use the makeup process to lift my spirits or talk to myself. When the frump monster has a really good hold on me,  I do my makeup in a Facebook LIVE because being in front of an audience forces me to smile, and get out of my PJs.  Little things like getting out of pajamas can help you fight the frump.  If you don’t do something like a Facebook LIVE, can you FaceTime or some other kind of video call to a good friend?  Maybe you could invite someone over for a brief visit, or get out and run errands – ANYTHING to change your routine and help you fight the urge to stay in the frump rut.

If you don’t usually wear makeup, at least put on a cheerful lipgloss and a touch of mascara.  A clean face, brushed hair with lipgloss and mascara make a huge difference. HUGE!  No matter what you do,  you gotta fight the urge to give in to the frump monster!

It’s one thing when it’s a day, maybe two. But if  you’re like me, then sometimes two days turns into a week. And we just don’t want to be that girl!


Come on! Let’s get the frump out of here!

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