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5 Frump Fighting Actions to Take Right Now!

by | Aug 15, 2018

Hey Mama!

If you’re still wearing the same sweatpants and T-shirt you wore yesterday – I mean, you slept in them, OR you found them on the floor this morning and put them back on – then my friend, the Frump’s got a hold of you. Real tight!

Sure, I know how it goes. Some days I feel frumpy too and I really appreciate it when someone pulls me out of my rut. I may not act like it when they’re ringing my doorbell and I’m cussing up a storm while looking for a clean shirt – but I do.  Sort of.

Anyway, today, it’s me here for you.  I’m going to help you fight that little beast and we’re going to Shut the Frump Door!

Don’t worry! None of these 5 actions are hard (well, maybe one or two of them will be, but I have faith in you). I’m going to give you 5 things you can do to stump the Frump.

Your FIRST Action: Clean Up

Yes, get cleaned up.  This means you’re going to march yourself to the bathroom, brush your teeth and wash your face, brush your hair and maybe slip on a little bit of mascara.  A nice little extra touch even if you’re not going anywhere is to dab on a bit of lipstick or lip gloss – the bolder the better – but even clear will make a difference.

All that didn’t take but 4 minutes. 

You have a full minute to spare.

Now, if you have littles chasing you around your house, I want you to know it’s OK to lock yourself in the bathroom for a few minutes.  Here’s my advice:  while you’re heading for the bathroom, yell at your honey “Hey, You’re on Baby Duty for 5 minutes!” Then, JUST GO.  Don’t hesitate. You’ll lose your nerve. And your motivation.

Yes,  it’s rough – I know! 

If you’re house is anything like mine, then 10 seconds after you lock the door 

you’ll hear the door knob jiggle, 

you’ll hear little feet banging on the door, 

and you might even see tiny fingers poking underneath the door  

By now you should be feeling loved and adored because your kids (and your partner) were convinced you fell head first into the toilet. 

If this happens, simply gird your loins and reassure your littles (and your partner) that you’re really OKAY, you’ll be out in a minute, then carry on. 

Your SECOND Action: Cheer UP

With those few spare leftover seconds in the bathroom, look in the mirror and give yourself a little pep talk. Remind yourself nobody’s perfect, that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, that you’re a great mom, and now you’re going to let that beauty shine!

Positive self-talk, also known as affirmations, goes a long way in lifting your mood, not just today for days at a time.   Check out this article on affirmations.

Your THIRD Action: Lotion Up

If you were able to convince your partner to watch the kids once, maybe you can do it again.  This time, ask for 15 minutes. Yes, that’s pushing your luck, but well worth it if you can get it.  If you get lucky (funny, when I was young getting lucky had a whole different meaning!) you can use those 10 extra minutes to shave your legs. Ooh la la, girl, what a feeling when you slide those slipper legs between the sheets!

Better still – take the time to slather on some really good body cream. Pay attention to those hard to reach spots like backside, ankles and toes.  And, don’t forget your knees and elbows, afterall, they take an awful beating when you’re crawling after your littles.

No matter how busy you get, mama, please don’t forget to inspect your breasts monthly! Spoiling yourself with 5 minutes of privacy is one thing;  but self-care is something entirely different.  Don’t neglect your health. 

Your FOURTH Action: Light UP

You don’t really need to do this next action right now, unless the timing seems right. Instead, do this throughout the day.  I want you to Wink, Smile and Flirt.  Yes, even with your kids.

Now, I know what you’re thinking:  It was bad enough when you came out of the bathroom wearing lipgloss – your kids took one look at you and started wailing cause they thought your were going somewhere, right?

Now, You’re telling me you want me to SMILE and FLIRT?

Yep!  That’s what I’m telling you.  There’s some psychology here – when you smile and flirt, you’re brain flips a switch that turns on your happy hormones.   Seriously!  Read this article, if you don’t believe me!

Give it a try – what can it hurt?

The FIFTH and Last Action: Sexy UP

Okay, if you didn’t think I was crazy before, you’ll think it now.  But, Lady, I’m really serious about this.  Crank up your Sex Dial.

When not expected, grab your partner for an impromptu make out session.   I mean really get into it! Lavish lots of love on your partner. 

A sneak attack is the best tactic.  You may or may not be rewarded the way you expect – but I’m sure it will be worth your time. 

As they say: No good deed goes unpunished!  Revving up your sex hormones is the number one way to lift your mood.  If you really want some excitement, do it with your kids watching!!

Lastly, as an on-going action (some people tell me that when you do something repeatedly it’s called A HABIT – I like to think it’s called a PRACTICE, cause well, you know,… I don’t want to be addicted to anything ) look at your beautiful self in the mirror and send yourself some love!

You really are doing a great job with your kids, mama. I mean, you got them out (your labor & delivery was epic, right?!!) and they’re so stinking cute and lovable, and they’re really smart, right?  Yeah,… you’re doing a great job! 


REMEMBER: It’s the little things you do that’ll make you look & feel better. Take time for yourself. Slay that Frump Monster before it creeps up and sinks it’s claws in you.

You got this mama!



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